Reviewcaptainds – Win $1,000 – Captain D’s Survey

Reviewcaptainds – Captain D will be in charge of administering the visitor survey. If you would like to provide us with some feedback on your most recent dining experience, please fill out this form.

Reviewcaptainds – Win $1,000 – Captain D’s Survey

Beyond the free voucher for fish and fries, there is an additional opportunity to win one of seven weekly prizes of $1,500 or one daily reward of $1,000.

This document lays forth the rights and responsibilities of Captain D. If you could kindly complete and return this paper version of Captain D’s guest survey, he would much appreciate it.

In order to participate in the Captain’s Survey for Customers, go over to Review Captains. How are you feeling right now? Get in touch with a company’s customer service department if you have any complaints with their service, cleanliness, or general quality.

How to Take Reviewcaptainds survey

  • You may access the survey at its official website: www.ReviewCaptainDs.Com.
  • Specify the time of your visit, the total amount of your meal, the order number, and the restaurant’s number.
  • To begin the survey, just click the “Enter Survey” button.
  • Your browser will immediately redirect you to the survey pages in about a minute. In the area given, please provide your overall thoughts on Captain D’s.
  • To share your thoughts and feelings regarding your most recent meal at Captain D’s, please click the Next button.
  • Make sure to record all of your identifying information, including your full name, the nearest landmark, your gender, and any other pertinent facts.

Gifts and Rewards

  • Make sure you hit the “Submit” button after you are done with the survey.
  • The prize draw is now open to you.
  • You have a chance to win $1,000 in cash and a free lunch of fish and chips.
  • Product and service surveys for financial compensation
  • Stop by Captain D’s sometimes; they have coupons. You should tell Captain D how you really feel about the restaurant’s service and cuisine since he’s doing a poll on it.

Rules And Regulations Of Reviewcaptainds Survey

  • We’ll cover the cost of the fish and chips.
  • If you give it a go, you might be one of ten fortunate winners of $1,000!
  • To take part in Captain D’s customer survey, you need to meet the requirements and follow the rules.
  • Been at least 18 years old is the minimum age requirement.
  • Something that can link to the web, such a laptop or a mobile phone.
  • When communicating with other people, use correct English.
  • Hold off on making any purchases for the time being.
  • You are limited to receiving a single reward every three months.
  • States, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Hungary, Dominican Republic, and People’s Republic of Korea are among the countries that need evidence of citizenship.
  • No one who works at Captain D’s Restaurant or has an infection may participate in this poll.

About Company

Arriving in Donelson, Tennessee on August 15, 1969, the first Captain D’s restaurant made its grand premiere. An American seafood joint serves as the chain’s flagship.

In the 1970s, the firm flourished thanks to innovative concepts including a children’s comic book line and a birthday club. Sometime between the 1980s and the 1990s, the firm had a redesign of its logo and interior.

See for Captain D’s official survey. Captain D is running a contest with cash prizes of $1,000 and $500.

Customers may provide valuable feedback to Captain D’s by completing a short online survey about their most recent visit.


Nobody has to pay to take part in Captain D’s survey contest, which might award a grand total of $1,000 or $500. Passed Captain D’s review with flying colors. Assuming you read and adhere to the instructions, completing the survey will not need much time.

Reviewcaptainds FAQs

  • Question – Give me the results of Captain D’s survey, please. Just where can I get one of those?

Answer – To access Review Captains, please click here. Please indicate whether a receipt is required. You should brace yourself for an avalanche of questions. In order to be included into a contest, you must complete Captain D’s survey in its full and provide your contact information.

  • Question – When is Captain D’s coupon book distribution?

Answer – Participating participants will have a chance to win rewards for their suggestions. Proof of this may be provided by Captain D’s receipt.

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